Access Statement for Warcombe Farm Camping Park

We aim to provide an accessible site to all our guests and to have staff to help provide any assistance that is needed.


  • We have a bus stop outside our main gate. Some buses are not wheelchair accessible.
  • The nearest train station to us is about 13 miles from us. A taxi can take guests to and from our site.
  • We can be contacted via our website, by email, phone or fax.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • There is a car park area to the front of reception where the main door can be accessed via a sealed path.
  • The car park has a rough stone surface.
  • We can assist guests with luggage.
  • Our site is set near the village and has easy access to a small grocery store, post office, chip shop and 3 pubs.

Main Entrance & Reception

  • The door to reception is wide and always open. The path leading to it is gravelled. There is a 2” high threshold.
  • Shelves in the site shop holding stock are on the outer walls to leave the main area clear.
  • Reception is manned all day and staff are always available to assist as required.


  • The campsite has a grass surface and it is quite solid.
  • Both shower blocks have disabled access to a shower and toilets.
  • Sinks have easy use taps.
  • The lower toilet block has a cement path and a small ramp up to the toilet and shower.
  • Staff are on hand to give assistance.


  • The coastal footpath and stewardship walks are maintained and have no low lying branches over the path. These paths are not really wheelchair friendly.
  • Some local cafés and pubs have easy access.


  • This building has a ramp leading up to it and can be accessed on a sealed ramp.
  • Washing machine and sink are set low for easy access.

Public Areas

  • The site is made up of different surfaces.
  • Staff can give assistance if needed.

Additional Information

  • On site, we have staff who are first aid and/or fire trained. 
  • If the fire alarm sounds, the fire marshals will assist in the evacuation process.
  • We can provide refridgeration facilities to store medication which staff only have access to.  Retrievable during site shop opening hours only.