Greetings from Warcombe dear Campers. We hope you are well and enjoying the late September sunshine as we are here in North Devon.  Gone are the crowds. Tranquility is restored and our beautiful countryside has been transformed into a riot of autumnal reds and golds. The trees and bushes are heavy with blackberries and sloes, ripe for a bit of foraging!. We’ve included a few simple recipes in our folder down in the Tourist Information Section. Why not have a go at making sloe gin. A tipple by the fire at Christmas will remind you of a wonderful holiday! The beaches are deserted although the sea is still warm and the bigger surf is finally making its way over to us as the the Atlantic Hurricane Season approaches. The footpaths and trails are much quieter now too. Its an ideal time for those of you who prefer a more sedate break to come and enjoy this amazing corner of Devon.

We have had a fabulous season here at Warcombe Farm and once again you lovely folk have made it all worth while. We are always grateful for your kind words and great reviews. Your feedback is  incredibly valuable to us.  We feel that everyone here, our Team and guests alike, have pulled together and beat the adversities thrown at us all by this terrible Pandemic.  The very fact that we have made it to the end of the season without having to close our gates due to Covid is, we feel, a remarkable feat in itself. So our most sincere thanks go out to you all. If you can manage to squeeze in a last few days with us before the end of October, we would absolutely love to see you. If not, enjoy a restful Winter and we will all look forward to a bright new year with hope and positivity. Remember, if you have a favourite pitch, pick up the phone and book it to avoid disappointment.  The lines for 2022 are now open!

Cheerio for now chaps. With very best wishes from all at Team Warcombe.