Yesterday, 17th September 2019, in full glorious sunshine here at Warcombe, we had the honour of being chosen as the ideal site for a very special celebration.

It was the 50th Anniversary of the Eccles Caravan Owners Club ) which they believe to be the longest running caravan owners club in the country!!  The fabulous cake was cut, and the bubbles were poured as the club members basked in the September sun.

They have another reason to celebrate today, too, as one of the lovely couples on the rally are enjoying their 50th wedding anniversary today, and the sun is still shining!

How wonderful. We are very happy that the E.C.O.C chose to hold their anniversary rally with us.

I am also thankful that they let me photograph them for our blog. They did assure me that they are not wanted by the police… 🙂








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