Surfing in North Devon

Your Warcombe holiday is not complete without trying your hand at the exhilarating sport of surfing!  Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned surfer, come and sample some of the UK’S best surf at our local North Devon hotspots.  Our beaches have the waves to suit everyone!

Warcombe Farm Camping Park is ideally located for you to join in the  fun and take advantage of the local surf scene. Our area is renowned for the quality and consistency of its waves.  Surf enthusiasts travel far and wide to experience the magnificent Atlantic swells along this coastline throughout the year. We now have World Surfing Reserve status too, the first area in UK to hold this title.

You can gather the most up to date weather reports from our knowledgeable staff or check the tide timetable and surf report from our small but well equipped shop. Our tourist information facility offers extensive information on our local beaches including local surf academies and surf schools.

There are several links below to our local surfing hotspots – all of which cater for all levels from the surfing novice wanting to catch a first wave  to the seasoned expert seeking watery thrills and spills! Come and feel the salt on your face!

Woolacombe Sands – Surfing

The main beach at Woolacombe is an ideal choice for surfers from absolute beginners to the seasoned expert. This long, shallow beach enjoys a westerly swell and its reef break produces very good waves which can be surfed on all tides . It consists of a sweeping stretch of golden sand,  extending from the Morte Point cliffs to sheltered Putsborough at the far end and has some of the clearest waters in the UK. With towering dunes as a backdrop, the rugged scenery of Woolacombe encapsulates the natural beauty of rural Devon. It has been a top surfing destination since the 1960s and there are many competitions and events held here throughout the year.  The brightly coloured Beach huts are an iconic feature and lifeguards keep a careful watch over the summer season.

Check out, or for surf lessons in Woolacombe.

Woolacombe surf report

Croyde Bay – Surfing

Croyde is described as a ‘surfing mecca’. Renowned as one of the UK’s best exposed beach breaks, it enjoys consistent surf and  has become a popular summer retreat for beach-goers and surf hunters alike.

“Croyde is probably the best wave in North Devon and is considered to be a world class beach break at low tide. It has a thriving surf scene and several surf shops (equipment hire available).”

Check out for surf lessons in Croyde.

Putsborough Sands – Surfing

Putsborough is a god send. Due to its North Westerly facing direction, it can allow you a ’clean’ surf when everywhere else is blown out. When the South Westerly storms batter our coastline, the locals know it’s time to head around to Puts.

Check out or for surf lessons at Putsborough.

Saunton Sands – Surfing

If you want to learn to surf, this is where you go. If you want a mellow wave to perfect your manoeuvrers, this is where you go. If you are a world-tour longboarder, this is, again, where you go. Saunton is a gently sloping, vast expanse of sand that absorbs the crowds, offering a peak for everyone.

Check out for surf lessons at Saunton Sands.

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